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The company

Greenhouse Van de Werken from Zaltbommel (The Netherlands) is a family business specialized in the cultivation of lisianthus. We focus specifically on the single-flowered and small-flowered lisianthus. Every year we grow more than 8 million branches, which we offer to various flower auctions. Consumers can buy our flowers from the florist.

Why lisianthus?

The lisianthus is a fresh, joyful and special flower that is suitable for many purposes: as individual flowers, in bouquets, bouquets or funeral in wedding work. Growing the lisianthus is as interesting and challenging. From the day the plant into the ground, requires the utmost care and dedication.


Specialists in lisianthus

The specialization in the cultivation of lisianthus is reflected in our expertise, modern facilities and machinery. We have nearly twenty years of experience with the product and are already more than 40 years in the flower industry. Our high greenhouse of over 2 acres is fully equipped for the cultivation of lisianthus. With 15,000 lux of light we are one of the product leaders in the industry.

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