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Lisianthus process explained

Growing the lisianthus is like top sport. From the time the plant hit the soil, the growth process is monitored accurately. Only then can we deliver the quality we strive for.

From seed to plant

The lisianthus begins as a seed that grows into a plant in thirteen weeks. This occurs at a remote farm. After thirteen weeks that we get the plants in and the process can begin.

Preparing ground

Before the plants are planted, the ground has already undergone an operation. The so-called plant area is milled and then steamed, to eradicate harmful diseases. When steaming, agricultural plastic is placed over the plant area. Under the plastic steam is supplied. The result? A disease-free soil that ensures excellent growth.


From plant to flower

The plants are planted in the ground ten centimeters apart from each other. On each square meter, about 85 plants. In ten weeks, the plants grow into a beautiful lisianthus. Of course we provide the right conditions: sufficient light, adequate water and proper temperature.


Harvesting is a delicate process, fully focused on getting a beautiful unspoiled lisianthus. When harvesting the lisianthus is extracted from the ground and on a conveyor belt. Through this assembly line the branches goes into the harvester. This cut the stems to size and wrap a rubber band around it. The bouquetis packed in a plastic bag, put in the water and made ready for transport. In this way every week four plant areas are emptied.

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