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A modern company with a rich history

Greenhouse Van de Werken is in all respects a modern company. We are constantly looking for new techniques and improve our product. Simultaneously, we are a family company with a rich history. Since 1969 we are active in both the open field-and greenhouse cultivation.

Pioneers in lisianthus cultivation

What flowers are concerned, we started with freesias. In 1993 we made the move to the lisianthus. As one of the first farm we went to the challenge of this wonderful but complex flower to grow. The nineties were dominated by small product improvements and optimizations in the business.



In 2002, Peter van de Werken strengthen the family business. At the same time we increased the capacity of the greenhouse from 1 to 2 hectare. Five years later, the company underwent a complete update, which includes extra light capacity and modern facilities. Since then, greenhouse Van de Werkenlisianthus are among the most modern farms in the Netherlands.

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